Mayflower Ink

Mayflower Ink was in the house for the 2015 Komen Arkansas Kickoff Party!


Taylor, Cindy and Kevin Mathis of Mayflower Ink

Mayflower Ink is our TEAMS t-shirt sponsor this year.  They will be donating $1 per t-shirt for all Race for the Cure Arkansas shirts they print.  We are so happy to have them on board with us this year! Check out their postcards below for all their information or click on the following links: and

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Race Season 2015 Kickoff Party is in the books!

It hasn’t hardly rained in weeks but Saturday early a.m. it was dark…rainy…thundering and lightening.  We had no doubts though that our prayers would be heard for a beautiful day for our Kickoff Party…..It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!


Thank you to all that came out to the Promenade at Chenal.  Our Kickoff Party was the first event to be held in their new area! It was PERFECT! Thank you so much to the Promenade for allowing us to hold our event there AND to all that you did for us leading up to it! Special thanks to Bethany Siems with the Promenade for all your help and coming out to join us! You ROCK!

Kate Dunnavant, Bethany Siems and Race Chair Jack Powell

Kate Dunnavant, Bethany Siems and Race Chair Jack Powell

The Kickoff Party is a special event for us because it really does mark the beginning of RACE SEASON for the committee! Planning the Race starts early in the year but this is the time when it really starts getting real yo! So many are so passionate about this Race…..Every Step Counts….Every Event Counts leading up to it.


Special thanks also to CHI St Vincent,Grantees, and to the UAMS Mammovan!

Thank you to Dustin Free for bringing out the Pink Firetruck! He was so nice and helpful! Thank you for bringing out the truck, helping with the event, taking lots of pictures and sometimes just holding stuff, Ha!

Dustin Free with the NLR Fire Department

Dustin Free with the NLR Fire Department

Check out this video that captures the feel of the Kickoff Party and those beautiful faces that were there: It was SO nice to meet you all!!!!!

ALSO here are all the photos….check them out…save them…share them.  Please attach our 2015 hashtags: #KomenAR and #neverstop when posting on Social media!

I cannot tell you enough what an awesome committee Komen Arkansas has.  It takes a lot just to set up for an event like this….they were ON IT! And tear down…..what event…..tear down was so quick and efficient it looked like it never happened.  Thank you to all that helped out!  EVERY STEP COUNTS…..Every Person Counts to make something like this go so well….I did not get a group photo of everyone that helped (they usually run from me when they see me coming with a camera for some reason, ha!) but this photo is a good representation of some amazing people that I am TRULY blessed to be a part of:

IMG_0743Oh, and Pinky the Pig ROCKED the party! You will see more of her for sure!!


Kathy Webb~Our Honorary Survivor 2015

Kathy head down the cheerleader lined path for the Survivor Parade 2014

Kathy head down the cheerleader lined path for the Survivor Parade 2014

Meet our Honorary Survivor 2015 Kathy Webb.  We are so very pleased to have her a part of it all this year!  Her speech at the Press Conference was so good that we want to make sure everyone has a chance to read it.

Here is it:

Thank you very much. It’s an honor to be with these talented people, and serve as the Honorary Survivor Chair.

In 1990, I took my first step, for my friend MJ. She’d just had surgery for breast cancer, and she’d seen that a Race for the Cure was coming to Washington.  We didn’t know much about it, but she told us where to sign up and where to be, and we were there! VP Dan Quayle kicked off the Race, then a sea of people filled PA Avenue, making every step count as we headed toward the Capitol.  Each year, we marked our calendars for race day, and we showed up.

When I moved to Chicago, I promised MJ I’d make every step count there. I called Dallas for info, and was disappointed to learn there was no Affiliate and no Race. I told them I was a pretty good organizer and before long someone from Dallas and some of Suzy Komen’s friends from Peoria came to see me. Soon, I accepted the responsibility of Founding President of the Chicago Affiliate. I’ll always cherish the memory of our first Race, seeing the sun rise on Lake Michigan and the crowd filling Grant Park.

We had researchers funded by Komen who came to our meetings; we got to hear and see first-hand how the research they were doing might be that step leading to a cure-how every step counts!

Eventually, I moved to LR, and continued to walk, with MJ’s name and now others written on my back.

Then, on May 17, 2013, I heard those words, “Kathy, you have breast cancer.” Even in my state of shock, I knew that every step I had taken would give my family, friends and me the hope and strength to prevail in our fight.

Race day 2013, I couldn’t go the whole way, but every step I took counted. Last year, I went the distance, determined to get to the survivor parade. And I did.

It’s been 25 years since I took those first steps with MJ. This year, with every step, I’ll celebrate her 25 years as a survivor and our other survivors, I’ll honor and remember those we’ve lost, and I’ll make every step count so that my friend who was just diagnosed will feel the power of our love and support just as I have.

Every step counts-no one knows that more than Herren Hickingbotham, representing Race for the Cure’s founding sponsor, Hickingbotham Investments.

Press Conference 2015

There was a GREAT turn out for this years Komen Arkansas Press Conference at Simmons First Bank in Downtown Little Rock!!! It was FULL of amazing, encouraging and inspiring speakers. Thank you so much to all of you that took time out to come out and be apart of it. It was short…sweet and to the point but full of information and excitement to lead us in to, a sure to be, AWESOME race season!

EVERY STEP COUNTS to help end Breast Cancer….there is nothing like the Little Rock Komen Arkansas Race for the Cure. We are headed to be the number 1 Race for the Cure in the US! Register now at to be a part of it!


Race Chair Jack Powell is SUPER excited about this year! She announced and presented the tshirt designs, fundraising prize, other Komen events coming up and MORE!


Herren Hickingbotham our Founding Sponsor presents John Hathaway with a very well deserved Co-Survivor of the Year award. Standing at his side, as he has for her, his wife Pam Hathaway.


3 Miles of Men Chair Al Malzewski and Co-Survivor of the Year award recipient John Hathaway


John and Pam Hathaway.


A few committee, board members and staff in attendance for the press conference.


Thank you to the awesome ladies of Simmons First Bank for serving cookies, popcorn, water and a smile to those in attendance!


Kathy Webb – Honorary Survivor 2015


Susie Smith VP of Simmons Bank


Jessie Gillham-Komen Staff Member and Troy Wells CEO and President of Baptist Health

Trolley, Media and Treats! Oh MY!!


Last month the Komen staff and some Board members took the trolley out and about to meet and treat some of our awesome local media.  Our local media ROCKS and is SO supportive of the Arkansas Race for the Cure.  They are all there Race Day!!! Along with their support and yours…..that is what helps make our Race event so successful! They all talked about ways to make it even BETTER! Can you imagine!!!! I’m soooooo excited!!!!


Our goal is to be the number 1 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this year.  We were number 2 last year!  This goal is VERY much in reach! Help us reach the top that will help us help others! Wow, that’s a lot of help…huh?

IMG_8378I did not get to make it to all the stops with them but have I told you enough what a hard working Staff Arkansas Komen has?  They are amazing! They started out at 6am. They met with the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, KARK 4, KLRT 16, KTHV 11 and KATV 7 all in one day! IMG_7256

IMG_8383We cannot thank everyone enough for the support this Race has.  Our biggest goal is to help provide more money from fundraising to make it possible for even MORE grants for mammograms and research!!!

IMG_8367Together number 1 is well within our reach! Start forming your TEAM now.    Sign up at Contact Laurie Reynolds or myself at for any questions!

Shawna Long

2015 Co-TEAMS captain

2015 Co-Chair