Trolley, Media and Treats! Oh MY!!


Last month the Komen staff and some Board members took the trolley out and about to meet and treat some of our awesome local media.  Our local media ROCKS and is SO supportive of the Arkansas Race for the Cure.  They are all there Race Day!!! Along with their support and yours…..that is what helps make our Race event so successful! They all talked about ways to make it even BETTER! Can you imagine!!!! I’m soooooo excited!!!!


Our goal is to be the number 1 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this year.  We were number 2 last year!  This goal is VERY much in reach! Help us reach the top that will help us help others! Wow, that’s a lot of help…huh?

IMG_8378I did not get to make it to all the stops with them but have I told you enough what a hard working Staff Arkansas Komen has?  They are amazing! They started out at 6am. They met with the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, KARK 4, KLRT 16, KTHV 11 and KATV 7 all in one day! IMG_7256

IMG_8383We cannot thank everyone enough for the support this Race has.  Our biggest goal is to help provide more money from fundraising to make it possible for even MORE grants for mammograms and research!!!

IMG_8367Together number 1 is well within our reach! Start forming your TEAM now.    Sign up at Contact Laurie Reynolds or myself at for any questions!

Shawna Long

2015 Co-TEAMS captain

2015 Co-Chair

Loss of a Team Member


Debra Albright

Last month my team lost one of our own…..although it was not to breast cancer….it was a HUGE loss all the same.  Debra had a smile that you looked forward to seeing everyday at work.  Her smile, hello and hugs are missed by many.  She was very active in all our “Race Season” team activities.


Debra is on the right in the middle

This year will not be the same without her. We will honor her in a very special way though.  All of our Team members are important and a very special part of Race for the Cure and to me!  Thank you to ALL of our Teams! You ROCK!!!!!  In memory of our Debra let’s get to #1 of ALL Races!!!!!  Start now building your Teams.  If you have ANY questions email Laurie or myself at  Now….go hug your friends please!


Debra Albright and Shawna Long

Shawna Long

2015 TEAMS Co-Chair

2015 Race Co-Chair

Race Theme 2015!!!

It is always so exciting to attend the first race meeting of the year to hear what the Race Theme is for that year.  This year was no different! So here goes……..drum roll please……

Thanks Jack!  Awesome theme….

After you hear the Race Theme your mind wonders off for a minute….I know mine does….about what the Race Theme means to you and as a whole.  This one says A LOT! Every Step Counts…..Every. Step. Counts.  It means something different to everyone. We will hear from different people through this Race Year on exactly what they feel when they think about it.

Mad Hatter Tea Party May 9th 2015

Mad Hatter, Alice, Tori Kiser and the Queen of Hearts

Mad Hatter, Alice, Tori Kiser and the Queen of Hearts

Thank you to all that came out to support our first Mad Hatter Tea Party!!! Everyone looked so pretty!!! Those in attendance enjoyed the other fun hats, costumes, beautiful music, yummy tea food, photo booth, wacky decorations and so much more!!! We look SO forward to next year all ready! No shortage of photos being taken for sure!!! Check out the following links to see ALL the super fun photos: 

Ta~TA for now!


Mad Hatter Tea Party is THIS Saturday!


Join us for our new Mother’s Day weekend event!!! Mad Hatter Tea Party! It is going to be SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! Hats are encouraged but not required. It will be full of family, friends, fun and food!!  Come check out the fun decorations Down the Rabbit Hole…it will make for VERY fun photos!!!!

Come ready to bid on some SUPER fun auction items such as this AWESOME hat!


We look forward to seeing you there!!!!! Go online here to purchase tickets: or call the office at: 501-202-4399.